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Inspired By... Peach Fuzz

Introducing the Pantone Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz!

This warm, inviting colour is perfect for creating a calming and restful environment in your home or workspace.

Pair it with walnuts and other warm wood varieties for a cosy and welcoming feel.


Pantone Peach fuzz is a versatile, warm and inviting colour that pairs perfectly with both dark and light colours.


Experiment with a modern, fresh feel by pairing it with mint green, or go for a more dramatic feel by contrasting it with midnight blues. If you're looking for a more complimentary colour, try pairing this shade with cooler, bluish purples.

Pink and Peach Fuzz is the perfect combination of warmth and restfulness. The soft tones of Fenwick & Tilbrook Oyster Pink create a peaceful ambiance, while the Peach adds a touch of cosiness and comfort. This versatile colour palette can be used in any room of your home, from the bedroom to the living room, and will help create a soothing and inviting atmosphere.
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Consider the bold and beautiful pairing of dark blue and peach. This combination offers a striking contrast that is sure to add depth and dimension to any space. Whether you're designing a cosy living room or a stylish office, this colour duo is the perfect choice.

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Looking to create a modern and restful interior with a touch of retro charm? Consider incorporating the soothing colours of Peach Fuzz and mint green into your design scheme.

These colours work particularly well in nursery interiors, kids rooms and anyone looking to creating a calming atmosphere with a punch. Try Little Greene Aquamarine Light.

Purple is a versatile colour, and when used correctly, can add an air of elegance and sophistication to any room. For a dramatic look try deeper purples like Dulux Midnight Iris 1or Graham & Brown Plum Resistance.

Works well in a teen bedroom setting.

Works well with... Peach Fuzz

This image shows how yellow or lighter woods can get lost against peach tints and shades.


It's important to note that natural oak or pine wood might clash or appear invisible, so opt for warmer shades like walnuts, rosewood, or barnwood to create a cohesive look.

I love... 

When it comes to incorporating peach into your interior design, there are many options to consider.

From walls and wallpaper to accessories and accents, peach can add a charming touch to your home. For those hesitant to fully commit to the colour, incorporating peach through smaller details, such as cushions, curtains, or vases, can be a great way to test the waters. Don't be afraid to mix and match with contrasting hues, or experiment with different textures and materials. With some creativity and inspiration, you can create a unique and stunning interior design with peach as a central theme.

I have chosen a few of my fave products to add a splash of peach to your home!


If you're looking for a way to update your home decor, this wallpaper by Ohpopsi, with peach accent is the perfect solution. The accent is just enough to add a touch of warmth and cheerfulness to your space, without being overwhelming. With a relatively neutral background, this wallpaper will effortlessly enhance any room in your home.


Elevate the look of your home with this beautiful and colourful rug. Adding a bold rug to your space can instantly lift the room and make it feel more vibrant. Perfect for adding a pop of colour to any space in your home.

Add a simple peach cushion as a base for any sofa or bed, this cushion is versatile and effortlessly adds a pop of colour. Plus, its velvety texture adds a luxurious feel and maximizes your comfort.

Peach cushion

A colour block cushion can be an easy way to add depth and interest to any interior design scheme. Adding texture is also important and this cushion features various peaches and accents that can complement any peach scheme.

Colour block cushions are a great way to add various tones and combinations that can enhance the overall look and feel of any room.


For those who are looking to add drama to their decor without painting the walls, this navy and peach cushion is the perfect choice. These rich, bold colors make a powerful combination and can serve as the focal point of any room. 


This peach lampshade is exquisitely textured, drawing the eye and adding a touch of glamour to any space. The gorgeous shade of peach is sure to complement a variety  of colour schemes and add a sophisticated touch of elegance to your home. 

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