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If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. However please take a look here first in case your question has already been answered.


Do you charge for a consultation and do you have timed phone or email sessions?

I do not charge any consultation fees and and you are certainly not limited to a certain amount of time. It takes longer than half and hour to get an idea of what someone's likes and dislikes are! I am here throughout the process to help and ensure your interior is exactly how you want it. 

Can I come back to you with any issues after we are finished?

Yes! I am more than happy to help with any issues you have after your design is complete. If you need my help, message me and I will do my best to help.


I'm a little worried about using a remote service. Don't you need to see the room in real life ?

Many people worry that a remote interior design service is not as good as a traditional one. It is just the same as any other service and is very convenient and simple.

There is no difference between being in the room and working remotely. By answering my questions in my client profile I can accurately design your interior based on your answers. I ask the same questions as I would in a traditional set up and every interior designer whether working remotely or locally will take photos are measurements and begin designing based on that information. Please see my feedback.


I would like some advise on paint colours only so I don't need a full package. Can you help ?

Yes I can. If you cannot find what you are looking for on my site then please contact me and tell me what you need and I can work out a price based on your requirements.


How come your prices are so reasonable ? Does that mean my interior will not be as good ?

I aim to give a 5* service to every client no matter what you budget or requirements. I am able to keep prices affordable to due to low overheads. An online service means I can provide a high quality service without the high price tag of a traditional interior design.

I'm in a hurry, can you speed up the process ?

I'm afraid it isn't possible to speed up the process. Design is an art and the creative process isn't instant, neither can the process be changed. If you're in a hurry please don't buy a package and expect it to be any quicker. Do not book any tradespersons until the project is completed! Please allow enough time to finish the project before employing any tradesmen This service does not include working with builders or any other tradespersons and I do not work under time pressure.

Can I contact you at weekends or evenings ?

It is important for me to have a healthy work/life balance. I would prefer to be left alone during weekends and evenings.  Working hours are from

9am -5:30pm. You are welcome to email me outside of these hours, however please expect a response the next working day.

I have seen an interior I like, will you copy it ?

I will never copy another designers' interior. Running an affordable interior design service doesn't mean my interior style is any less valid.

I have my own style and if you choose my service you will have an interior based on my skills and design ethos. 

As you can understand, it feels a little hurtful to be asked to copy another designers work. Please don't ask!

Do you accept clients outside the UK ?

Yes I do. If you would like to use my service I am happy to send you a design package, although extra delivery charges would apply. Prices vary depending on where you are in the world. You would need to contact me for a price.


Which payment methods do you accept ?

I accept all major credit cards, debit cards using Stripe and Paypal. When you fill in the form you can choose between Stripe and Paypal.

The BUY NOW form is very secure and no payments are taken on this site. You will be directed to a separate payment page which offers buyer security and peace of mind.

Klarna is now accepted to help spread the cost.


When will I receive my package ?

Basic packages will be one week. Turnaround for medium to premium are usually between 2 and 3 weeks excluding weekends. It will also depend on the size of the room. However during busy periods the process can take a while longer. This cannot be helped and no refund will be given if the job runs over.

What if I'm not happy with the design ?

I will always try my very best to produce a fantastic interior for you, however if you are unhappy I will make up to 5 design changes at the floor plan and moodboard stages at no extra cost to you.

Throughout the design process I will keep you informed of progress and finalise all details with you. 

Due to the time and effort that goes into each project I cannot offer a refund unless the project has not been started.


Are paint colours accurate ?

Real paint and fabric samples are used when making design choices. I will always test them out in real life with tangible samples before I use them in my software. 

I also have specialist software that enables me to set the location to wherever you are in the world and to see the room as it would be in real life under different weather and lighting conditions. This will also ensure that shadows are accurately visualised.

I have colour codes for all leading paint companies and can match the colour accurately for CAD rendering. 

Fabrics are also matched and all sample boards come with actual material and paint samples. Although I would always advise that you buy a tester pot and try the colour out in different conditions before painting in full.


Do you offer any discounts ? 

Depending on how many rooms you have I will offer a discount. This would need to be discussed with me directly. However will be no more than 20%.

On occasion I will have discount codes. Look out for them on my HOW IT WORKS/PRICES page.

I now provide trade discounts on certain items. Where trade discounts are available I will order your items at a reduced rate.


Do you do home visits ?

Yes I do home consultations and I do not charge consultation fees although I will need to charge travel expenses. 

Am I obliged to buy certain items of furniture or accessories? 

Absolutely not. You are not obliged to buy anything. I don't promote any specific company. I choose furniture and accessories depending on how much you can afford and from the most appropriate places. Your interior should be full of the items you genuinely love. I provide a shopping list and buying is up to you.


I can provide some trade discounts and you are welcome to use them at their full rate. I do not use them for personal gain, it simply isn't worth it and is not in my clients best interests to do so. Your design is more important.

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