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The first thing to do is take measurements and photos.

Please do not worry about how your plan looks! A rough drawing will do. As long as I can read them that is all that matters. However there are a number of requirements which will help me produce

your fabulous interior.

Uploads and attachments...


My form is very convenient. There is a section to upload your floor plan and photos​

and there is no attachment

size limit so everything can

be done in one sitting!

What I do...

Mariama Janneh Interior Design is an easy and convenient process. I provide a unique service for those who want a helping hand or an idea of how their interior could look without the cost or inconvenience of a project managed interior design service. No matter what your budget, I can help.

The Process...

I work with every client differently. If you want to be involved in the design process from the beginning that's fine. If you want to leave the whole thing to me that's also fine! I don't charge any consultation fees and you can call and email if you need to.

Measuring correctly and filling in the client profile...

Use the metric system...

The USA are the only country that still use the imperial measurement system so please use CM or MM when noting down your numbers!


Measure all walls...

Remember that you will lose a few CMs from your skirting boards so please ensure you measure on the floor so that your measurements are accurate. The same applies to any cladding or dado rails.

Measure the windows and doors...

Include the height and width and remember to measure the distance from wall to window/door and height from floor to cill and top of window to ceiling.

Lighting and electrics...

Unless you are completely remodelling then please note on the plan where your sockets and switches are. Please include  any wall lights.

Ceiling height...

Please remember this part. Most clients forget but it is important.

Other fixtures and fittings...

Any permanent features such as book cases, fireplaces or radiators need to be noted down and dimensioned. It is easy to forget but will enable me to draw the room correctly.

A client profile is a simple form that interior designers use to gather information about your likes, dislikes

and requirements.

This form is located on the 

BUY NOW page.

I ask straight forward questions about your likes, dislikes and

interior design style.

Every question on the list in important so please try to answer all of them.

If there is anything you don't understand please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my very

best to help.


It is important to take photos of the room in question. These will help me to understand the finer details of the room such as skirting board type, window style and door type. 

Existing furniture...

If you are keeping any furniture then please take photos and upload them on the form.


Any other pictures you think may be relevant such as an image from a magazine or a favourite possession that inspires you should be included on the form.​


All major cards via stripe and Paypal are accepted. You are not required to have a Paypal account.

I use Paypal express and Stripe which means you receive buyer protection and ease of payment without needing to have an account.

You'll be directed to a separate secure checkout so everything can be done in one sitting. So it really is a super convenient process!

Klarna is also available as a payment option

You can spread the cost over 3 months.

Aspect of the room...

This question  refers to  the  direction  the  room/

window faces.

Interiors are greatly effected by light and shadow and they both cause issues and a lot of headache for people have when deciding on a suitable colour scheme for their home.

Having this  vital information will help me decide on the right colour group for your interior so please include it.

The next step...

So you've bought a package.  What happens now ?

STEP 1: We usually begin with the layout of the room. Sometimes this is an extremely quick process, sometimes it might take a day or two. 

You will receive up to six layouts of your space and together we will decide which one works the best for you.


Client plans are simplified and easy to understand.

A key for lighting and other fittings are noted on the plan. Plans are also scaled with measurements.

For larger residential, commercial  or construction projects, fully annotated technical drawings are provided. 

Please do not book any tradesmen until the project is completed, as colours take a while to be agreed upon.

STEP 2: Sample boards or mood boards are visual aids that will enable you to see how the scheme will look. They include everything from furniture to accessories.

If you don't like it, I change it until you are happy, although this must be within reason. I am an interior designer and every scheme will be produced to my style.

Although we will go through everything together as we go along, your sample boards come with information, tips and tricks to help you make the best of your new interior. 



STEP 3: The fun part! Once you are happy with the previous steps we move onto to 3d visuals and/or 360° video depending on which package you've picked, which will show you how your new interior will look.

Visuals are taken from each corner of the room and will include ceiling and floor.


Please make sure you're happy with the mood boards as making major changes to the model requires a lot of extra work!


All products are produced using CAD (computer aided design). This ensures accuracy in design and will give you a real idea of how your space will look. The location is set to wherever you live to ensure correct lighting and colour representation.

 360° Videos...
Premium 360° is a brand new package enabling you see every detail of your new interior. 
This is especially useful for kitchen and bathroom design where the technical details really matter.
You can control how fast or slow you view the video so you don't miss a thing!

Give it a go!

Place your mouse

on the video and

control what

you see!

How does this package work?
It works in the same way as the other packages.
We follow the same steps as above. 
Once you are happy with the visuals of the room, a 360 video will be made.
Due to the complexity of 360°, any changes to the  360° will incur a small fee, so make sure you are happy with the visuals before we get to this step!

Sometimes you only need help with one or two aspects of design.


Selecting paint can be trickier than it first appears! There are many things to consider, so if you need help selecting a paint colour for your interior, then this is for you. 

For £19.99 per room, you will receive:


  • FREE consultations, help and advice by phone and email. (Email preferred.)

  • Simple paint selection list for your room based on your colour preferences and style.

Floor Plan and Layout

Again, you might only need help with one aspect, in this case the technical element of your interior. For example how to best layout your furniture, or a kitchen layout that doesn't quite work for you.

For £49.99 per room this package includes:  


  • FREE consultations, help and advice by phone and email. (Email preferred.)

  • Layout and floor plans to best utilise space or to make the layout more visually appealing.

  • Unlimited post design help.


My basic package is suitable for rooms which require those finishing touches or accessorising. 


You may have a bathroom in need of coordinating textiles or a living room in need of a cushion or two to tie the existing scheme together. 


The basic package is also excellent for those who are sprucing up their home for sale. 

A few touches here and there can make all the difference.

For £99.99 you will receive:


  • FREE consultations, help and advice by phone and email. (Email preferred.)

  • Mood boards.

  • Detailed advice and FULL shopping list with links and prices for easy buying.

  • Discount on 2 or more rooms.

  • Unlimited post design help.


My medium package is ideal for smaller rooms where you might have a set layout such as 

small bathroom and kitchen where the position of 

appliances and sanitary ware is set.

It is also suitable for any size room which doesn't need  layout. For instance a bedroom that has built in wardrobes and therefore might already have a set layout. 

For £219.99 per room this package includes:  


  • FREE consultations, help and advice by phone and email. (Email preferred.)

  • Mood boards.

  • 3 large visuals of your new interior 

  • Detailed advice and FULL shopping  list with links and prices for easy buying.

  • Discount on 2 or more rooms.

  • Unlimited post design help.


The premium package is best for larger rooms and those who require furniture layout. 


If you have a large room such as a living room/dining room, or a large master bedroom suite or kitchen planning then this is the best package for you. 



For £289.99 per room this package includes:  

  • FREE consultations, help and advice by phone and email. (Email preferred.)

  • Mood boards.  

  • Floor plans for furniture layout, lighting and electrics.

  • Up to 5 large visuals from every angle of the room

  • Detailed advice and FULL shopping list with links and prices for easy buying.

  • Discount on 2 or more rooms.

  • Unlimited post design help.

Premium 360°

Premium 360° allows you to look around in detail at any part of a room.


If you have a large room or a space where you need to see extra detail such as a kitchen or bathroom design, then this is the package for you.


For £449.99 per room this package includes:  

  • 360° video of your interior.

  • FREE consultations, help and advice by phone and email. (Email preferred.)

  • Mood boards.

  • Floor plans for furniture layout, lighting and electrics.

  • Up to 5 large visuals from every angle of the room.

  • Detailed advice and FULL shopping list with links and prices for easy buying.

  • Discount on 2 or more rooms.

  • Unlimited post design help.

I have over 10 years experience in remote, online interior design. I am one of the first to offer such as service and the first to shape the package system that others have taken on. Therefore my pricing reflects my experience, expertise and knowledge in this area.

I do offer discounts on multiple rooms, this is around 20% -25% of the whole price.


Others will offer a design time limit. This is ineffective in my experience. Complications can arise, needs can change. I will continue until you're happy with everything, as long as the format is followed.

Discounts are automatically applied at checkout.



If you have a rental property I can help you design it with as little or as much as input as you  need.


Whether you are in the process of developing from scratch or renovating an existing property, I can help you create an interior to appeal to all.

I can plan your kitchen and bathroom, help you pick a suitable colour scheme and get your property ready for the rental market.


​All my rental market projects had varying levels of design. Therefore the set interior design packages may not be suitable for your needs. Please contact me and I can work out a price based on your requirements. 

That's a lot of information! Just a couple of points left...


If you have more than one room then there will be a discount. Simply contact me and tell me how many rooms you have and a price will be worked out for you. It will be no more than 20% off the total cost.




Can't find what you're looking for ?

If you don't need a complete package or cannot find what you are looking for please contact me and tell me what you require and I will do my best to help and work out a price based on what you need.





Customer service is very important to me. If you are not entirely satisfied with your design I will make any necessary alterations at no further cost to you. I will work very closely with you throughout and I will also send your design via email first and ask you if you are happy before sending the final package.





Home Visits...

If you would like a home visit this can be arranged. Please get in contact if you wish arrange one. As stated before consultations are free but a travel fee will apply and this fee will depend where you are in the country.

If you would like to save money, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp are convenient and effective ways of showing me your home without the need for a visit. Please contact me to arrange a suitable time.

Commercial Design...

I am fully qualified to undertake commercial interior design projects and although residential design is my main focus, I am interested in small scale commercial projects.

If you do have a  project and would like to use my service please contact me directly. All prices apply to residential projects only.

Trade Discounts...

 Trade discounts are available on certain items including furniture, wallpapers and fabrics.

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