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Inspired By... Jungle Prints

As Spring takes hold interiors become geared towards Flora and Forna and all things fresh.

It is easy to gravitate towards pretty, delicate prints and soft pastels. However such gentility won't feature here. This year the interiors are full of bold colour and intense pattern based on tropical climes and jungle themes!

Lockdown means we can't enjoy the outside world and for those without an outside space it is particularly difficult, so try and bring some wild colour and pattern into your home!


Copyright Joe Browns

Joe Browns have a

fantastic collection this year features bold, intense colour and beautiful, large scale prints. Choose a cushion or two to brighten up your sofa or bed.


These prints are great for kids spaces! Create a jungle theme for their bed or play rooms.

White Bedroom Concept

A couple of cushions is all it takes to make a big impact to a room and a splash of colour is guaranteed to list your spirits!​


Little Explorers!

A theme like this is great for home owners and renters alike. You don't have to paint or wallpaper to create a fun and inviting scheme for your little ones.​

Accessories are all you need.


Quinn Bedside table: M&S, £149.00

Belina duvet cover, La Redoute: £25.00

Woodland print cushion M&S: £22.00

Floor lamp, George: £45.00

Tipi, coolshop, £117.00


Great price!


I love this Tent from

It's a great little hide out for kids!

Artificial plants complete the theme!


Copyright M&S

Copyright Dowsing & Raynolds

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