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Introducing No87!

Okay. So you've finished your painstaking paint job, you've arranged your beautiful new furniture and you look with pride around at a job well done. It's nice but there is something missing. Accessories!

No interior is complete without them. Cushions, rugs and pictures are all obvious but there is room for more. And that is where no87 comes in! Fantastic accessories for any interior setting. 

These beautiful pieces are created using gorgeous fabrics and beadwork that can adorn any space.

I love the versatility of these accessories. Depending on the colour choices they can be used anywhere from children's rooms to more adult spaces.  

Sacha is a full time mum to Harry (4) and Jack (1). Her background is in the property sector but decided to became a full time parent when her eldest was born.


"As a mum of two young boys, I was enjoying the opportunity to be a full time

parent but also felt it was the perfect opportunity for me to start up my own business

which could work around them and our life as a family. 

I have always had a passion for interiors and sewing, so naturally to bring the two

together seemed like a great idea. 

I remembered back to decorating both of their nurseries and feeling there was a lack of affordable

creative pieces available, This became my focus and No.87 was born."

Almost any shape can be sewn to create your ideal display.

My personal favourite are the tear drops. These are much broader than other shapes and can be used for all ages.

Children love nothing more than bright colours!

For nurseries and young children's rooms choose stars and moons

in bold colours to stimulate them. 

These brightly coloured stars are perfect as a single garland or as a large wall display!

If your look is more Scandinavian then go for muted tones such as blush pink or grey.

This grey moon and beaded combo work really well and would suit a soft, calming interior.

This piece is stunning. The attention to detail is amazing. You could have a series of these as an artwork in a nursery. 

Try brighter colours for a child's bedroom.

Where To Buy

If you love these cute creations as I do then please contact No87 on Facebook and buy online on Etsy.

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