Orange Wall


When you buy a new home whether it’s you first buy or your forever home it can be daunting to decorate so you turn to the king and queen of design ideas Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz and whilst they do offer a wealth of interior design inspiration they can make choosing a scheme very difficult and will often leave you feeling overwhelmed.


Those perfectly staged room and pristine interiors have been designed for the house that they sit in. What works for one may not work as successfully for another.

Here are some tips for those who are in the middle of such a crisis. (If they don’t work, you know where to come!)

Dos and dont’s of decorating your new home!

When I think of my various attempts at creating the perfect interior I cringe a little. I am sure my home has lost an inch or two due to the many layers of emulsion applied to it over the years.


My sitting room alone has been painted in creams, deep deep red, grey and at one stage a rather shocking combination of vivid pink and gold/yellow. Think fruit salad sweets and you will understand why this scheme was a horrid mistake.) I was expecting at the time so my excuse was and still is that the hormones were to blame.


I have more than enough experience (as well as my pro status) to give some solid advice to those of you lifting your paint brushes to the walls as we speak. Stop and read on…

Put the paint brush down! Don’t touch it. Leave it alone and step away from the paint. Your home is unique and therefore has its own quirks. Spend sometime observing your home. Sit and look at the light in each room. Note what it does in each room in varying weather and at different times of the day and night. Get used to your home before you take the next step.


For instance once you have found the wall colour you love, use sample pots and watch the colour throughout the day to see whether you really love it rather than diving in with a whole pot. Patience is key!

Move painted sheets of paper around the room and see what happens. This will help you decide what is right and wrong for the room.

Calculate Savings

Don’t rush. Your home should evolve over time. Don’t worry about creating a picture perfect space. A home should reflect you and your lifestyle. You will save yourself a lot of time and money if you take it slowly and remember to budget! 

Make sure you work out how much you have to spend or how much you would like to spend for each room. It is easy to get carried away!

White Sofa

If you are starting from scratch then you need something to sit and sleep on!

Investing in good furniture is important.

A good quality sofa or bed can carry you through for many many years so pick the

best you can afford!


If you are someone that frequently changes their interior schemes then go for something neutral, (light or dark) that will fit into any scheme. Once you have decided you can introduce your chosen colours through a colourful accent chair, soft furnishings, paint and wallpaper.  

If you get bored of you interior you won't have to change your furniture.

If you want to take your time and hunt down that perfect piece, then why not rent some furniture? If funds will allow this can be a great way of making sure you eventually buy exactly what you want.

Modern Living Room
Minimalistic Kitchen

By all means start your Pinterest

boards and follow your favourite Instagram

accounts. But please don’t allow yourself to become

obsessed by a carefully staged image and runaway with the idea

that it will produce the same results in your home. It might work however it’s

more likely that is won’t. However collecting images you like will help you see what your preferences are in terms of colours and furniture style. So get pinning and saving!

Interior Design

Start collecting bits and pieces that you like when you’re out and about. You may see something that grabs you and that might then become the start of your scheme. 

Vases, flowers, pictures etc collected along the way will all help to make your scheme blossom

and give you inspiration!


Artwork can provide a wealth of inspiration. You may have a piece that will give you a starting point.

Again collect when you're out and about. 

Art cards are great in small frames and can introduce so much colour and pattern for a fraction of the cost. 

In this abstract piece alone there is a wonderful pallet

of colours. You can instantly see a scheme in it that

would look amazing in any home!

Curtains and Blinds

Do not rush window treatments. This is an expensive undertaking and if you get it wrong it can cost a small fortune to fix.

This can be one of the trickiest parts of any scheme to get right.


Have curtains and blinds custom made for your home, they will always look a million times better than shop bought ones. Remember to research and budget for these.

Do some rooms need more privacy than others?

Do some require heavier drapes than others? 

Consider these questions and note down what each space needs.

Choosing a patterned fabric for your curtains and having matching cushions made will be easier than the other way round so consider that point.

Plain custom made curtains look simple and elegant and you can re use them in any scheme.

If you have radiators under the windows then avoid curtains all together and invest in well made blinds.